Location Drawings (2006 Season)

I thought a large series would yield insight into where to go next with the work. My aim was to draw at least 162 innings from the 2006 season. Instead of drawing entire games, I decided to look at shorter units of time in a game. Prior to drawing this series I had been drawing smaller increments in games, either batter by batter (frame by frame) drawings or pivotal moments, usually an inning or less. I had been looking at events in a less cluttered environment not only to make the drawings more legible but also to look at a shorter time frame. For this series I chose to examine one ninth of a game, one inning.

Out in the physical world, the 172 drawings in the 2006 series are best seen in their entirety, arrayed very much like a number line. When the drawings are pinned to the wall end to end, starting in early April and ending late in October, all 172 of them give a sense of the span of time that comprises the baseball season. Those who are not fans of the game find the season unbearably long. Baseball fans often wish that the season would never end. Or in cases when they look forward to its end, it is only because they anticipate next spring’s fresh start.

The drawings of the 2006 series document where the pitch falls in the strike zone as seen from the perspective of the pitcher and what happens to it, an out, a hit, a run scored.